Thursday, November 24, 2011


The crisp, clean air
The hickory fire ever so carefully roasting the succulent turkey
This is a time when we put meaning into all that we take for granted
The roof over our head that keeps the mashed potatoes so smooth
The air we breath: we couldn't bake the pie without it
The free land we live in, where one has free will to cook whatever he pleases for the sweet, filling once-a-year tradition of love, joy, togetherness, thankfulness and turkey
Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Dedicated to my grandma and grandpa - Thanksgiving would never be the same without them!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


As the morning bells ring their honey-glazed tune
I wake up as the calm, warm subtle night washes away by the overpowering sun's rays
The morning air is crisp and clean as I poke my head out my dusty shutters
The morn is here
I must settle in to the bustle of the people driving their chaotic cars
The soft hum of the passing wind brushes against my bed-ridden face
The morning birds are singing
Life is in motion
Dawn is here

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Battle

There are two wolves in all of us: One is good, one is bad
The good wolf stands for honesty, love, peace, humbleness, and calmness
The bad wolf stands for war, hatred, dishonesty, corruption, greed, and agony
They're in a constant battle inside us all
Which one will win, you ask?
The answer is... the one you feed
But be wary, because the good one is picky about what he eats

Haiku #1

The forgotten oak
Beckons with bony branches
It is in us all


The crinkles of the papery leaves beneath my feet
The soft howl of the winds
The orange sun waning over the mountaintops
The air is crisp and clean
The fireplace ablaze with sparks like mighty fireworks cutting through the air
This is a time of joy and forgiveness - Autumn.


Fall sheds its auburn leaves to bring back the wonders of old
The wind howls mournful melodies under the curtain of its amber leaves
Tumbling to the ground
Whispering too far away to hear: "Fall is near."